Pool Renovations

16 x 32 Non-Fox Pool

This Pool was about 20 years old and a non Fox Pool.

The owner called us in to see if we could upgrade the pool rather than ripping out and replacing with new.


  • We were able to utilize the original pool frame thus saving a lot of expense.
  • We fit our Fox coping on to the existing walls so allowing for our Patented Lock-in winter cover to be fitted over the winter season.
  • We cut out an 8' wall section and then placed our Fox 6' walk in stairs.

One other upgrade that we installed in the pool was a floor cleaning system, you can just see the plumbing running down. No more vacuuming or brushing the sides and floor trying to catch those leaves and debris......

As the owners really wanted less maintenance we also installed a Jandy CL 340 Cartridge Filter, eliminating the need for any back washing. Open in the Spring and never touch it until the fall.........



old_pool.jpg old_pool_1.jpg old_pool_2.jpg
We cut out the side wall for 6' stairs New 6' Stairs ready to go in Retaining wall finished
old_pool_3.jpg old_pool_4.jpg old_pool_5.jpg
Stairs in and back filled Preparing for concreting First batch of concrete finished
old_pool_6.jpg old_pool_7.jpg old_pool_8.jpg
Getting ready for second batch Base color before stamping and adding Waiting to semi harden before stamping
old_pool_9.jpg old_pool_10.jpg old_pool_11.jpg
Looking good New equipment shed All finished and ready for years of fun


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