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Fox 22 x 36 Lagoon Diving


Here is a brief description for the installation of a 22 x 26 Anniversary Lagoon:

First problem here was the bed rock, which is very common in the Okanagan. Rather than bore and dynamite we decided to fill with 1/2" - Minus crush to build the site up level to the owners garden. This is laid in 10" increments and compacted with a 1,000 lb. compactor. Each layer is carefully leveled, watered and compacted to obtain the maximum density, this site after testing came back with a reading of 98%!

Once the site has been tested and approved the Pool is measured and marked out with marker spray. Next comes the excavation, after all that work we then dig it out again and shape the basic pool bottom. Next comes the Frame and the patented Fox X-Bracing, this is all then bolted together. The plumbing is roughed in and then concrete is poured over the X-bracing forming the Pool foundations.

At this stage and with out any back fill, you could fill it with water. That is how strong this design is. There is no other Pool in the world that you can do this with. We then back fill and get ready for re-baring for the decking, 4' wide x 5" thick.
The next stage is the concrete Pool bottom, this is hand trawled to a smooth finish ready for the liner.



new_pool.jpg new_pool_1.jpg new_pool_2.jpg
Building up with crush  Watering  Build up at 10" increments 
new_pool_4.jpg new_pool_5.jpg new_pool_6.jpg
Marking out and scoop  Up goes the steel framework  Frame complete 
new_pool_7.jpg new_pool_8.jpg new_pool_9.jpg
42" shallow end to 9' deep end  Filtration plumbing  Extra support for around diving board 
new_pool_11.jpg new_pool_12.jpg new_pool_13.jpg
Back filled and ready for re-bar  22x36 Lagoon  22x36 Lagoon  
new_pool_14.jpg new_pool_15.jpg new_pool_16.jpg
Getting ready for the concrete decking  Deck pour  Finishing up 
new_pool_17.jpg new_pool_18.jpg new_pool_19.jpg
Completed deck  Finished decking  First Jumps... 
new_pool_20.jpg new_pool_21.jpg  
Family fun  Great choice Dad!   


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